The Best Energy Bites Recipe For Kids

The best Energy Bites For Kids

This week I wanted to share with everyone one of my daughters favorite recipes! When I say favorite I mean if I let her have her way she would eat the entire batch if I didn’t intervene!

One of the moms from our church shared this recipe with me a while back and since then I am constantly making them for our little girl.

I’m sure by now most of you have tried making a version of energy bites. If you haven’t,  be sure to check out my my recipe for Orange Zest Chocolate Coconut Energy Bites! They’re a sweet treat you don’t have to feel guilty about eating!

Energy bites are a big staple in our home. I love how quick and easy they are to make and they are the perfect snack if you’re on the run. I also find they are pretty filling so it’s a great healthy snack to tie you over till your next meal.

I was looking for a recipe that didn’t included honey since little ones are not supposed to consume it until after the age of one. Dates are the perfect substitute, they are sweet and make the perfect sticky consistency to keep them held together.

These energy bites are the perfect healthy snack for kids any age.

With 3 simple ingredients your little ones will surely be asking for more! This recipe can be Versatel and you can replace the almonds with any kind of nut and the cranberries with any dried fruit. This






Add dates to food processor or blender.

Next add cranberries (or any dried fruit) Finish by adding the nuts.

Once all ingredients are added blend and combine till a thick pasty mixture is made.

Roll into desired size.

( I roll mine into the size of a gum ball since My daughter is still young. For older children you may want to make bigger)

Store in sealed container and keep in fridge

This quick and easy recipe is ready in less then 10 minutes! Your little ones will love the taste and you wont have to feel guilty about giving them more!

Hope all your little ones enjoy this recipe!





Energy Bites for kids


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