Easy + Cute Valentine Craft For Kids



Okay you guys, I came across this idea while I was on pinterest. I was looking for something really simple, inexpensive and super cute to make as a gift from Adelynn to her grandparents, which really meant me making the entire project because she’s only 9 months old… but still, SO cute!

That’s when I stumbled across this idea from Mess For Less Kid Made Heart Votives 


The idea was too cute not to try, so off to the dollar store I went! I decided to make my own spin off the idea when I found this cute little red candle that smelled like strawberries, seriously you guys you could eat this thing! It smelled that good!

I loved how affordable this craft was. We were making them for both of her grandparent so we obviously needed double of everything, but we were still able to leave with spending under $20!

I was so happy with how it turned out! It’s simple, creative, super cute and any grandparent, family member or friend would love to receive it this valentines from your kids!

What You’ll Need:


Start by soaking candle in hot water for 5- 10 minutes to soften the wax. After wax is softened, cut candle into chucks making sure you keep the wick in tact. Place wick aside for later.



Place chunks of wax in pot and keep on low heat. Stir occasionally. Let wax melt completely.


Once melted, pour into votive or glass jar.


Take the wick and wrap one end around straw or place in between a chopstick. Place in the centre of melted wax and set aside to cool completely. It’s -30 in this part of the world currently so I placed the jar outside and it was cool in 20 minutes!


While cooling, draw hearts with a pencil on tissue paper. I drew small, medium and large shapes for a variety.


Cut out the hearts.


Once jar has cooled completely, take glue and squeeze small amount into small bowl. Using the paint brush cover the jar with glue. Stick hearts randomly around jar. If corners are lifting paint over with glue.



Allow Glue to dry completely.

Package any way you like! We chose pink gift bags and put candy at the bottom of the bag and included a card with Valentines pictures of Adelynn.


And that’s it! Easy right?! We loved how it turned out and we can’t wait to see her grandparents reaction when they open it!


Hope everyone enjoys making their Valentines gifts!

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