Weekly Bible Verse

Romans 5:8

For the month of February I decided to focus the weekly bible verses on love…for obvious reasons, its Valentines this month! Most importantly I wanted focus on the greatest love of all, Gods love for each of us.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:

While we were still sinners.

Christ died for us.”

Often in your relationship whether you’re dating, engaged or married chances are there is a situation where one partner will have to sacrifice something for the other. When we make these sacrifices we often make them out of love for the other person.

Recently my husband and I had to make a tough decision for our family that resulted in some hurt feelings for a few people but ultimately we had to decide what was best for our family. Last year my parents made the decision to move over seas to Istanbul, Turkey. This came as a big shock to our family but we knew it was the best decision for the two of them even if it meant leaving behind my sister, Taylor, myself and their first grandchild Adelynn. Although this brought a certain level of sadness to all of us we also very excited for the new adventure they were about to begin, and part of this excitement was knowing that our family would have the opportunity over the next 10 years to travel the world!

We were given the opportunity to go visit my parents later this month along with my sister. We were excited about the idea of travelling and for my parents to see Adelynn after a long 7 months. Taylor and I began talking about our travels and we found ourselves discussing the issue of safety while over there. I’m sure many of you have heard of the incidences that have occurred over there with bombings/ shootings in the past couple of years. We began to feel uneasy about visiting with our baby girl. As the date came closer and closer we were torn what to do and Taylor was having a difficult time getting the time off at work. I decided to call my dad to get a better idea as to what day-to-day life looked like for him and what his thoughts on safety were. After the conversation I felt more at ease and in my mind was ready to go but Taylor did not share the same feelings as me and he was not comfortable letting me go alone with our baby girl. I tried my hardest to look at the situation from his point of view and how uncomfortable I would be if the roles were reversed. I love my husband and I would never want him to feel uncomfortable in this circumstance. Although it was difficult to put down the offer we felt more at peace knowing our family was together and we were happy with our decision.

I think of God and how his biggest act of love was the sacrifice of sending his only son to earth to die and pay the price for each of our sins. I couldn’t imagine his decision to do so was easy, but in return knew that all of his children on earth would have the greatest opportunity of spending an eternity with him in heaven. Although Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice, all of mankind would be saved because of it.

The month of February we focus on love and our commitment to our significant others. As we enjoy our extra hugs and kisses, sweet chocolate, flowers and gifts remember the greatest love we receive is from our Father in heaven.




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