Orange Zest Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls


If you’re like me and you have a major sweet tooth than these guys will be your new best friend! I was determined to find a healthy sweet little something that I would not feel guilty about eating (even if it’s more than once a day!). This recipe is loaded with lots of nutrients such as flaxseed which is high in fibre + low carb. Chia seed which is a natural antioxidant + heart healthy oats! A hint of orange adds the perfect finishing touch to the overall sweet flavour.

This recipe is quick and easy and will for sure become a staple in your family’s home! They are perfect for your kids lunches, a snack to go or a little something sweet to go with your morning coffee!

 Let me know what you think! And don’t forget to share!



Stir in medium bowl, 

oats, cocoa powder, first amount of coconut, flaxseed, 

chia seeds, chocolate chips and salt.





In a small microwavable bowl melt 

peanut butter, honey and coconut oil. 

Stir in vanilla


Add wet mixture to dry and fold in orange zest. 

Add second amount of coconut to small bowl, 

roll mixture into small balls and roll in coconut.





Place the balls on a cookie sheet 

and sprinkle with remaining orange zest.



Place cookie sheet in fridge for 15 minutes to set. 
Store in airtight container in fridge







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