Weekly Bible Verse

Isaiah 33:2


isaiahLast week was pretty difficult in our house hold. Our sweet girl is in the process of getting her first tooth and as painful as it is for her it has been a nightmare for her dad and I. The constant fussing, tears, night-time screams and extreme lack of sleep for everybody sure starts to get to your head after about the third day! No amount of cuddles,medicine or teething rings would help the poor girl. I finally hit my breaking point as I was trying to put her down for her morning nap on the fourth day. As the screaming continued and tears were now rolling down my face I said ” God I love this beautiful girl you blessed our family with but I need your strength to get me through this difficult time.”

This verse in Isaiah reminded me that God offers his strength to us daily. As a challenge to myself and to all of you who are reading, I encourage you to wake up each morning this week and before rolling out of bed ask for Gods strength in your day where ever it may lead you.

I pray you all have and amazing week and that you feel Gods presence in all that you do!






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